Dun Laoghaire Golf Course

Dun Laoghaire Golf Course


In 2017, we commissioned DAR Golf to construct a new 7th hole at Dun Laoghaire Golf Club. The Club’s brief was for a spectacular Par 3 golf hole with a water feature.

The basics of the design were relatively straight-forward in that it comprised of a new green with a couple of bunkers positioned around 30-metres forward of the existing green. However to ensure the “spectacular” side of the Club’s brief, a complicated water feature was constructed alongside and in front of the green. It took the form of a series of cascades flowing along the right of the green complex finishing in a new pond.

There were a total of 4 cascades falling between 1000mm – 1500mm height, as well as 4 small ponds and a low bridge. All the water features were lined and the edges of the water features and the cascades constructed from granite retaining features. Finally, a pumping system was installed to circulate the water.

DAR Golf were instrumental in not only constructing the new hole during exceptionally wet conditions but also assisting in deciding the final levels and heights of the cascade and clear visibility of the whole feature, as well as the circulation pumping systems specifications.

This project was a stunning team effort, and along with the expertise of DAR Golf, Dun Laoghaire now have without doubt one of the most impressive Par 3 holes in Ireland, if not Europe.

Paul McGinley

Golf Course Design.

Golf Course Construction