Cork Racecourse Mallow

Cork Racecourse Mallow

Extension, Re-grade, Primary Pipe Drainage System, and Surface Establishment of the Straight Course at Cork Racecourse Mallow.

Project outline:

I) Extend the straight course into the adjoining field and extend the wooden rail fencing.

II) Straight course, top soil strip sub-soil grade and top soil return with surface levelling.

III) Straight course install a primary pipe drainage system, with 5m lateral drains.

IV) Secondary drainage with a sand dressing to the surface.

V) Straight course will have surface establishment, aeration, fertilised and sowing.

VI) Maintain the surface to the standards for 6 months.

VII) All waste to remain off site.

I worked with Dar Golf on the extending, levelling, primary and secondary drainage of the straight track at Cork Racecourse Mallow. I found Dar Golf professional and practical skill in all aspects of the project.

The communication with me and the client was excellent and we address any project problems as a team and achieved the aim of the project which was to create a top class racing surface.

Very happy with the standard of work and back services with the project, installing lateral pipe drainage over 7.5 furlongs was a very long process but the last drain was as good as the first.

Alan Lewis

MSc NDT F inst G

Racecourse Construction