In standard bunkers the sand is placed directly onto a soil base. After heavy rainfall, the movement of water through the sand, towards the centre drain, causes the sand to wash and erodes the base of the bunker bringing up soil and stone which mixes with the bunker sand causing contamination and silting. This blocks the drainage resulting in flooding and therefore the bunkers require a lot of reinstatement.

In SportBond bunkers the sand is placed directly onto our uniquely bonded base which is completely porous. Our researchers developed the ratios for mixing the polymer/pebble to maximise the porosity of the SportBond bunker liner layer. It is mixed rather than sprayed, giving it a consistent strength throughout. Water filters through the sand and into the SportBond layer where it is provided with the easiest path to the drainage, eliminating sand wash, soil erosion and flooding. This helps to keep bunkers player friendly all year round and also reduces the maintenance required which is a great benefit to golf clubs.

DAR Golf Construction Ltd are proud to present SportBond Bunker Liner. Having worked in the industry for years and recognising the many problems that clubs have to deal with in keeping bunkers in top condition, we decided to look for a permanent solution. This is why SportBond bunker liner was created. We have invested over €1 million in our revolutionary new bunker liner, from research and development to the specially designed equipment used for installing it. SportBond bunker liner is the strongest and most effective bunker liner on the market.